Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Invitation to Comment--up to page 190

We hope you're enjoying reading People of the Book. If you've gotten as far as page 190 in the hardcover book (247 in the Large Print Edition...up to but not including the chapter entitled "Hanna, Boston, Spring 1996"), then give us an idea of how you like it so far and any predictions or questions you may have.

Don't read the comments to this post if you haven't read this far. It may contain spoilers!! (Please don't comment specifically on anything past page 190 here. We'll have a followup post for the last third of the book.)

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  1. After so many historical and WWII books I really enjoyed the modern book Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour bookstore. What a breath of fresh air to hear from someone young. I did not pay great detailed attention to things like Mantius's message and the secret of life, etc. I did like the theme of old v new and books. Kat seemed kind of like a red herring, a vehicle to talk about Google. Clearly Clay was not ambitious and smart enough for Kat. I really liked the font and typesetting Gerritszoon material as well as the mystery around the Festina Lente "spy network." Books like art can provide the author with immortality. Was that the moral of the story? I loved the open hands logo, how clever.


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