Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Have you started reading People of the Book? If you've gotten as far as page 104 in the hardcover book (140 in the Large Print Edition...up to but not including the chapter entitled "Feathers and a Rose"), then give us an idea of how you like it so far and any predictions you may have.

Don't read the comments to this post if you haven't read this far. It may contain spoilers!! (Please don't comment specifically on anything past page 104 here. We'll have a followup post for the other two-thirds of the book.)

Lois says: Have already reached pg.190...Took notes on character names and plot to keep from gettting confused or forgetting. Thorougly enjoying the reading. Usually not a historical fiction fan. Reminds me of DaVinci Code.


  1. I am enjoying the book so far even tho it is moving back in time. I almost only read nonfiction (unless fiction is recommended to me) so historical fiction is close.

  2. Here are my thoughts so far (even though I'm not quite to p. 104 yet):

    Strong first page--caught my interest right away. The narrator character isn't totally ringing true for me, even though I find everything she does and observes interesting. The technical information about book preservation is especially cool!

    I thought the writing of the 1940 chapter was much smoother and drew me into the world much more completely--perhaps because I have more context for 1940s Europe than for 1990s Sarajevo (i.e., former Yugoslavia). So I'm enjoying learning more about both time periods (as well as the Ottoman and other eras before then) and the many ways this part of the world influences/influenced and has been influenced by the Middle East, Europe, Russia, etc.

    I'm thinking the writer is better at conveying external realities than internal ones, but the jury is still out. I'll keep reading.


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