Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Reactions to ORPHAN TRAIN?

What are your thoughts after reading Orphan Train by Christine Baker Kline?

Leave comments below. Reminder, comments may contain spoilers!

We will meet Monday, June 13, at Noon, to discuss Orphan Train and to distribute Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. Hope to see you there!


  1. I read Orphan Train a while ago and enjoyed it. I even got it for an aunt up north on the farm. My grandparents had 10 children to work their farm; an uncle had 8. But for childless farmers, adopting children was a practical solution. As I read the book, I remembering trying to hold how their lives might have been had they stayed east. Trading one hell for another is sometimes what happens in life.

  2. Took a while to get into the book but of course ended up enjoying it very much.
    Thought the jumping back and forth in time was a bit contrived. Enjoyed the older lady’s story more.
    How sad for both of them to feel unsafe and uncomfortable at home. And we thing we have problems, wow.
    Of course Viv didn’t want to get rid of her boxes in her attic, they were all that she had left of her “family,” her past her history. Everyone clings to useless sentimental stuff. Don’t think Vivian cared at all about changing names, that did not seem to bother her. Really except for her birth name the others were other family’s names she had no real attachment to. She didn’t even really seem happy with her final family, the shopkeeper Dalys, who did provide her with some comfort.
    I was glad that Molly found Vivian as she did find at long last a kindred spirit who could really understand her situation and I hope provide her with true friendship and safety. It is so hard to find folks who really “get” us. Seems that Vivian also benefited from Molly’s help with the Internet and locating her family
    Similar to Question #15 on the sheet about learning to take what people are willing to give, in Anna Quinlan’s book Too Many Candles, her daughter tells her a similar thing, How do you expect people to offer to help you when you act like you don’t need any. So true.


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