Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Noah's Compass" Not Inspiring for All; "State of Wonder" August's Optional Read

We had a modest turnout for our discussion of Noah's Compass, by Anne Tyler. Maureen, Michelle, Lois, Mary, and Susan attended.

To some readers, this story and character were too lackluster, and they did not enjoy reading about someone who had such a passive approach to life. To others, the book gave a glimpse, sometimes humorous, of the struggles of real life.

For August, some of us will read State of Wonder, by Ann Patchett. It is not a group selection because the book must be returned to DCLC by August 26, which is too early for our September meeting.

However, if you've read State of Wonder or would like to delve into it this August, let us know what you think of the book!

Reminder: Live meeting to pick up A Change in Altitude, by Anita Shreve, and to discuss additional selections for the coming months on a special dayTuesday,  September 3, 12:05 p.m., at DCLC.

Please don't read these comments if you haven't yet finished the book; they may contain spoilers!

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  1. Turned in State of Wonder today and regret no group discussion as I think this one would have been a great one to dissect as a group. Really enjoyed it and I am not usually a fiction fan. I've recommended it to others now. Really kept your interest, which is just the kind of book I like (that makes you want to take time to read it!)


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